Will Posting On Social Media Affect The Result of My Injury Claim?

Face it, you most likely have some form of social media on your phone or tablet. From Facebook to Twitter, people share their life stories, their favorite or worse restaurants, and just funny or memorable moments in life. It is easy to get lost in the social media world and that is why with the convenience of positing something in a few seconds, you have more moments than you realize. When it comes to an accident, your social media world may have an influence on the outcome of your case should you need to take it to court.

Understanding the Nature of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are normally started because someone was negligent in something. Sometimes, if negligence is undeniable, the responsible party may choose to pay the party out of their pocket. The insurance company may take control of the case, file the reports, and ultimately issue a check to whomever was injured. But on occasion, it is not going to go this easy and the individual who is responsible denies being responsible and you have no way of receiving the funds you need and deserve.

In some cases, Personal Injury Lawyer in Burnaby knows that insurance companies who don’t believe that a payout is necessary is going to do some investigating on you and tap into your social media life to see what type of person they may be dealing with. They are most likely going to be looking to see if you have been discussing your case on social media and to see if you could possibly be less injured than you claim to be which could compromise the claim that you are injured.

Protecting Your Right to Pursue Compensation

It is important that insurance investigators look closely at your social media posts, if they choose to go this route and not take what you are saying in just one posts but rather over a period of time. This is due to the fact that you may be having a good day when you post outside in your yard watching your grandchildren play and the next day, you may be so sore that you cannot get out of your bed. While social media is a good way to catch someone doing something they shouldn’t, it is also easy to misread someone too.

There are a few things that you should remember if you are going to keep an up-to-date social media post while you have an active personal injury case:

• Don't share vacation information or out of town info even if they are for work or business
• Don't share any posts of you doing any type of physical activity
• Don’t post an update on your case after talking to your lawyer
• Don't post an update on your condition after seeing your doctor or a member of your health care team
• Don't post or talk about aby type of settlement or plan to accept settlement
• Don't discuss or brag about any large purchases or transactions that show you have spent alot of money
• Don't share any type of information that could ultimately be linked to your pending case.

The best advice in this type of situation is to not use social media for anything related to your case. It could actually cost you the case instead of helping. If you have to vent, vent to someone directly in person; never by social media.

Hire a personal injury lawyer that is going to take control of your case and direct it in the right direction. Reassure your lawyer that you are staying free from social media when it comes to your case and your condition.