Why Should You Never Accept The Initial Settlement Offer From The ICBC

Filing a claim with the ICBC can be an extremely complex and sometimes even frustrating process, even though the entire purpose of an insurance company is to support you through the aftermath of an accident. However, the problem with this is that the other person(s) involved are also insured with the ICBC, which complicates matters.

Because of this, you should generally adjust your behavior and expectations to the assumption that your insurance company doesn't always want what is best for you, especially not when they are offering you that first settlement amount, and here is why.

Further Symptoms

If the circumstances surrounding your accident and claim are on the simpler side, the initial offer made by your insurance company may already be made in a matter of just a few weeks. While this may sound appealing at first, it actually isn't.

Over the course of the first month, or even two or three months, you could potentially develop further symptoms that need to be compensated for. Additionally, a few weeks isn't nearly enough time to determine how your injuries will affect you long term. After all, that soon after the accident, your recovery has barely begun. Because of this, it is absolutely necessary to wait for injuries to heal and potentially new symptoms to arise, so your doctor can give you an accurate assessment for a treatment plan and long-term symptoms, and so your Personal Injury Lawyer in Burnaby can give you an accurate monetary assessment of what your claim is truly worth. Only then should you consider to accept a settlement offer. If you are not happy with the offer, your lawyer can renegotiate with the company and ensure that you get the maximum payouts.


While the majority of people do not enjoy negotiations, especially not while they are trying to overcome the trauma of an accident that left them injured, your insurance company will be planning for negotiations. Because of this, their initial offer will generally be on the low side, with the expectation that you will negotiate for a higher settlement. It is best to let your lawyer handle the various aspects of the out of court settlement procedure. Don’t get intimated by the pressure tactics used by the insurance companies.


You may think it is morally wrong, but the reality is that insurance companies are profit-oriented businesses. They want to spend as little money as possible, and horde as much as they can. This means pushing for low settlements, denying claims, and so on and so forth. A personal injury lawyer will help you to keep your head on straight and not fall for your insurer's negotiation tactics.