Why Is It So Important To Get Medical Attention After Being In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Regardless of how minor or severe, motor vehicle accidents are always a traumatic experience. Whether you’re involved in a fender-bender or a catastrophic collision, there is a tremendous amount of force involved whenever your vehicle hits or gets hit by another object. In many cases, injuries appear to be minor are aren’t readily noticeable. There are a number of reasons for this. However, it’s extremely important to seek medical attention after your accident.

Adrenaline and Endorphins can hide Your Pain

When an athlete gets injured, they often continue playing and don’t notice their injury until they’ve finished playing. This is due to the fact that our bodies generate adrenaline and endorphins that can block the pain by super-charging us. The same holds true whenever we get into an accident. We are experiencing a higher level of excitement. Instead of feeling pain, you feel increased energy that may even block any pain

But just because you appear to feel alright after an accident, that doesn’t always mean that there is nothing wrong. Once the release of adrenaline and endorphins has subsided, you will gradually start feeling pain and then realize that you’ve been injured. This is the main reason it is so important to seek medical attention after you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident.

You may have a Concussion or Soft Tissue Injury

Although your skull and the fluids inside of it protect your brain while performing you daily activities and tasks, if your body jerks violently and you struck your head when an accident occurs, a great deal of force is involved if your brain strikes your skull. When this happens, a concussion results. Although you may not experience any symptoms immediately, concussions can be extremely serious. The symptoms include:

• abnormal sleep patterns
• blurred vision
• clouded thinking
• dizziness
• headache
• inability to concentrate
• lack of energy
• nausea
• problems remembering things

Unlike fractures and other bone injuries, soft tissue injuries involve damage to other areas of your body such as ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Even when traveling at lower speeds, a motor vehicle can generate a tremendous amount of force upon impact. Consequently, drivers and their passengers get violently tossed around in a confined space when a collision occurs. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on a person’s joints and other body areas. Whiplash is the primary example of a soft tissue injury. Though there are various types of injuries that you may suffer with after an accident, as per the tort laws, you are eligible to be compensated by the defendant’s insurance company. Thus, consult with an injury lawyer in Vancouver.