Why Drivers Should Strive To Stay Alert

Drivers face heavy fines, if they have been caught driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence of an illegal drug. Those substances tend to slow the rate of the diver’s reactions. A tired brain also reacts slowly to any situation that a driver might face. That is why drivers should strive to stay alert.

Suggested strategies for a driver that wants to remain alert

• Try to start your drive during a time when you have plenty of energy. Schedule your trip so that you can enjoy a rest stop during a time of the day when you have less energy.
• Do not rule out the idea of taking a short 15-minute nap during the day. That helps to refresh the mind, so that it reacts better to various challenges.
• Carry some simple snacks with you, so that you can eat frequently. Try to pack lots of high protein snacks, such as nuts, boiled eggs or protein bars. Stay clear of any snack food that has a high starch or sugar content.
• Stay hydrated. Carry some bottled water with you, or buy a container that can be used for carrying drinking water.
• Take a calcium tablet on the night before your scheduled trip.
• Get a buddy. Learn how to make good use of your buddy.

Work with your buddy, so that you both stay alert.

Find out if your buddy has done much distance driving. About how many hours has he or she spent behind the steering wheel on a single day. Compare that figure with the length of your own driving experiences. Try to come up with a schedule that matches with the capabilities of both drivers. If there is an accident, call on an accident lawyer in Burnaby to protect your rights.

Make a point of staying in good spirits.

A sad or depressed driver must struggle to stay alert. Consider taking a joke book with you, in order to encourage the creation of humorous thoughts. The act of laughing helps to awaken the brain.

Do not think that you can never be a comedian. Even a smart truck driver adds a bit of humor to his day, in order to awaken the brain. Not all truck drivers have a buddy, but any one of them can visit a rest stop for truckers. The staff people at the rest stop might become the audience for a joking trucker.

Maybe you know a funny story that you can share with your buddy. Do not hesitate to use such stories, in order to get the two of you in a cheery mode. Then you will both be ready to delight in any humorous situation that you might discover, as the two of you travel towards your destination, making various rest stops along the way.