Why A Personal Injury Lawyer Might Not Take Your Case?

Personal injury lawyers do offer a free consultation to any potential client. Still, that does not mean that each consulted attorney feels obligated to take the presented case. Lawyers have their own goals and plans. Any goal or plan might keep a personal injury attorney from accepting a case.

The damages in the claim

It might be hard for an Accident Lawyer in Langley to uncover the damages on a presented claim. Unless those damages could be uncovered, the court would not consider that claim. An awareness of that fact could shape a lawyer’s reaction to a potential client’s proposed case.

Is there any evidence of contributory negligence?

A possible client might seem to have a strong case, until new facts emerge during the consultation. For instance, a client might hope to be compensated for damage to the rear of his vehicle. At first, the consulted lawyer might think that the client had been the victim of a rear-end collision.

Yet certain facts could emerge as the possible client revealed more details. Those details could show that the damage to the car’s rear matched with damage on the driver’s side of the other party’s automobile. That would suggest that the potential client was partly responsible for that minor collision.

Where did the accident take place?

Did it take place on public property? The government cannot be held liable for someone’ injury, unless it can be shown that the responsible governmental body was negligent, reckless or was acting in a malicious manner. Moreover, that particular body had to have received an earlier warning, about the danger that caused the accident.
What were the consulted attorney’s future plans?

Lawyers do not have to plan their lives around the appearance of a possible new case. A lawyer’s vacation plans do not have to be cancelled, just because someone with an injury would like to benefit from that same lawyer’s guidance. There are lots of personal injury lawyers to choose from.

A much-respected lawyer might have his or her efforts focused on large and important case. If that were the case, then the same attorney would not want to sacrifice valuable time and effort for pursuit of a small case. The client with the small case would have the ability to select some member of the legal community from a long list of personal injury lawyers.

The lawyer might not be equipped to communicate with the potential client. For example, an attorney might not have the sort of telephone that would allow him or her to communicate with a client that was hard-of-hearing. The absence of plans for purchasing such equipment could force the consulted lawyer to refuse to handle that particular client’s case.