When Is The Right Time To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

There is the public perception that lawyers are crooks, dishonest and very expensive since they charge more than what they’re worth. While it’s true that there may be some lawyers to fit into that category, it’s certainly not all lawyers. Do your research, get references and compare prices and you’ll be able to find an honest personal injury lawyer who will not charge you an excessive amount of money.

People with good lawyers will generally get more compensation from insurance companies than those who self represent. When making ICBC claims, it’s often necessary to get a lawyer so that you can maximize your claim compensation.

ICBC, as an insurance company, prefers to pay the lowest amount that they can possibly pay when it comes to settling claims. If they were known for offering full value to self represented claimants, then there would be no market for lawyers specializing in personal injury litigation. But since ICBC is try the keep the amount they pay per claim (also called their severities) down, very few unrepresented claimants every receive the full value of their claim. A personal injury lawyer in Surrey skilled in personal injury litigation, and whose only goal is to represent you, will be able to get you more money in the end despite the fees you’ll have to pay the lawyer. You could say that your return on investment with hiring a lawyer to represent you with ICBC in high.

There are a few instances where it’s in your best interests to hire a lawyer immediately after the accident. These circumstances include the following:

• A serious injury requiring hospitalization
• Death of a family member involved in the car accident
• Where injuries first appear to be what ICBC would consider as minor and you need legal advice so that you’re not trapped into that category unfairly.
• When you have suffered moderate to severe injuries.
• When liability in the accident is in question.
• Where there is anticipation of a permanent injury, extended future care or the loss of future earnings.

It’s important that a lawyer gets involved in the early investigation of these situation because you’ll need that legal representation before the evidence is lost. A lawyer will know which experts to contact to make sure the claim is fully developed. A lawyer will also guide you in the right direction so that you fully document your injuries and avoid the pitfalls that will make ICBC categorize the injury as a minor injury to reduce the compensation they pay out.

Naturally, a lawyer hired is not going to represent you for free. Payment will need to be made for his or her services. A lawyer will generally be able to get a settlement with ICBC earlier than you would on your own and you will likely get more compensation with a lawyer, especially if your injuries are clearly more than the minor injuries category. A lawyer will also give you peace of mind that you will get the most compensation and you won’t have to deal with being pressured, bullied or intimidated by ICBC whose main focus is trying to protect their profits to the best of their ability.