What You Need To Know About Moped And Scooter Possession In British Columbia

Both mopeds and scooters are a fantastic way of saving transportation money and reducing fuel emissions. But before you head out to buy yourself one of either of these, you should first familiarize yourself with the laws and rules regarding the operations of scooters and mopeds in British Columbia. Additionally, talk with an accident lawyer in Chilliwack before you buy one. This will ensure you are aware of the legalities and liabilities in case of an accident.

Mopeds And Scooters Need To Be Street Legal

The first step to doing this is to ensure your purchase is of an actual and legal motor scooter, aka an LSM that is smaller than fifty cubic centimeters. However, if your choice fell on an electric scooter, you will need to watch out that its rating is no bigger than 1.50 kw. Furthermore, you scooter is not allowed to be any faster than 78 kilometers per hour, any heavier than 90 kilograms (excluding battery and fuel weight), or have wheels smaller than 25.5 cm.
If the scooter or moped in your possession doesn't obey even just one of these measurements, you cannot legally drive it on British Columbia's roads and streets.

Picking Your Motorized Scooter Legal For Road Use

Besides motor scooters and mopeds, there are other slower powered vehicles you can legally use in British Columbia. For example, bicycles with electric motor which are permitted if fitted with pedals and upon meeting all above stated operational requirements. It should be noted that you are not allowed the use of a motor scooter, if it needs shifting upon operation. Furthermore, pocket bikes and motorized skateboards are also not permitted for use on the road in British Columbia.

How To Register A Scooter In British Columbia

As is required in British Columbia, you will have to register your motor scooter prior to your first time operating it. On top of this, you will also need to obtain insurance for this vehicle and be licensed to drive it – in this case, you will require a class 5 license for driving passenger vehicles. You will also need your driver's license. A learner's permit is not enough to operate either a scooter or moped. However, you also do not require a license on the motorcycle.

Road Rules

When it comes to the rules you will need to obey, you should first and foremost stick to the general rules all passenger vehicles need to follow. Furthermore, you will need to familiarize yourself with road-specific restrictions which may prohibit your LSM.