What To Do If Injured In Motor Vehicle Accident While Working In BC

We usually think of a motor vehicle accident as an incident that takes place while we are traveling to a destination, such as the workplace. Sometimes though, 2 drivers in separate vehicles can collide while those same 2 drivers are working.

If the collision happens in British Columbia, each driver must make a decision.

If the driver that was then on-the-job was injured, then that injured driver must decide what type of claim to file. It could be a personal injury lawsuit filed through the Insurance Corporation British Columbia (ICBC). Alternatively, a claim could be filed through Worker’s Compensation.

The situation in which a driver’s chance to decide between those 2 options has been removed:

That is a situation in which both drivers were working at the time of the collision. In that situation, both drivers would need to file a claim with Work Safe BC.

How coverage changes, when a driver must file a claim through WorkSafe BC?

The claimant loses the ability to seek 2 other types of benefits. One of those is the compensation for pain and suffering. WorkSafe BC offers no benefit for pain and suffering.

The other benefit concerns the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. The victim that files a claim through WorkSafe BC does not get money to cover his or her out-of-pocket expenses.

What sort of out-of-pocket expenses would not get covered?

Money spent on transportation and charges for parking are basically not covered, as per an Accident Lawyer in Abbotsford. Additionally, money spent on correspondence; if the worker that needed to correspond by means of email did not have a laptop computer, then that same individual would need to rent one. That cost would then get added to the list of out-of-pocket expenses.

Others are funds used for copying relevant documents; funds for getting copies of specific photographs and reimbursement for charges at site offering a particular document.

Someone that had hired a personal injury lawyer would not have to pay such expenses. Still, those costs would get added to whatever percent of the client’s award had been given to the same client’s lawyer.

Those details shed light on the reason that most drivers in British Columbia that get involved in a motor vehicle accident while working decide to file a claim through ICBC. Indeed, there is not a strong likelihood that a working employee at the wheel of a motor vehicle could collide with a second vehicle in which a working employee sat behind the steering wheel.

Moreover, one working employee cannot sue another working employee. That stipulation adds to the list of reasons that push any worker that has become involved in an accident during working hours to favor the route that calls for filing a personal injury lawsuit through ICBC. Of course, WorkSafe BC’s presence remains useful.