What To Do After Road Rash Injuries Sustained In A Motorcycle Crash

Unlike the drivers of cars, motorcycle riders are not protected by a metal casing and airbags, which makes them more vulnerable to all types of injuries, including road rash. This is painful and takes a while to heal.

Understanding Road Rash

When the skin scrapes across the rough pavement, gravel, or asphalt of the road, it can easily be torn all the way down to the muscle, if not the bone. Due to the nature of this injury, it can be extremely difficult to treat, and easily lead to infections and sometimes even nerve damage.Since the severity of road rashes varies so greatly between cases, it has been split into three stages:

First Degree Road Rashes: this describes a road rash that is limited to damage in the outer layer of the skin only. Pain is limited to a slight burn, and visible signs are mere redness. Medical attention is often not even necessary.

Second Degree Road Rashes: here, all outer layers of skin have been affected but the muscles and underlying organs are untouched. However, medical assistance is still vital to prevent infection. A second-degree road rash can leave scarring and is associated with pain and swelling of the affected area.

Third Degree Road Rashes: the skin and underlying organs are affected here, leaving deeper tissue exposed. Medical attention is not optional since skin grafts may be needed, and medication is a must. You may lose skin and will be left with heavier scarring. Common symptoms of road rashes include pain, swelling, infection, fever, scarring, and even disfigurement.

Obtaining Compensation

When you consult with ICBC Lawyers in Chilliwack, there are multiple forms of compensation you may be entitled to, including:

• The coverage of medical expenses such as bills from ER visits, surgery, medication, etc. Documentation of these expenses will be a necessity so be sure to obtain your medical records and ensure that your doctor keeps them updated in great detail.
• The recovery of lost wages which occurred as a result of your recovery
• Compensation for pain and suffering which will be fully dependent on the severity of your injury, but can include compensation for severe pain, extreme discomfort, and mental anguish
• Compensation for scarring and disfigurement which commonly only occurs in cases revolving around third degree road rashes. The compensation owed to you will depend on which area of your body has been affected, how severe the scarring or disfigurement is and how it will impact your life going forward.

Your lawyer will work on your behalf to ensure all procedures and legalities are met while you recover from your injuries. This will ensure that you get awarded higher damage than what you might have got if you represented yourself.