What Sorts of Situations Lead To Personal Injury Claims?

Any situation in which one person might be careless, and thus cause harm to another party typifies a circumstance in which one person might feel compelled to file a personal injury claim. Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver have become familiar with the varied range within a listing of such situations.

Examples of situations in which one party sues another party for his or her actions, or lack of action.

• Car accidents: The claimant seeks money from the defendant’s insurance company.
• Slip and fall incidents: The property owner can be sued for unsatisfactory actions.
• Medical malpractice cases: A physician does not pursue an action that would have been a reasonable choice of action for some other doctor. Alternatively, a physician engages in an action that no reasonable doctor would think to try.
• Dog bites: A dog’s owner fails to control his or her pet, and it bites an innocent bystander.
• Assault and battery, or other intentional torts: Someone purposely does harm to a second person. That harm causes the targeted party to suffer financial or medical problems.

Some cases are more serious than others. What constitutes a serious personal injury case?

A serious case forces the victim to deal with a flood of medical expenses. Those expenses might lead to delivery of medical bills for an extended period of time. In other words, one medical problem acts to trigger the occurrence of a second or third problem.

A serious case keeps the victim from working. He or she could become disabled or disfigured. Either of those conditions might eliminate the victim’s ability to handle his or her assigned job duties. For that reason, the injured victim could lose the chance to enjoy any future income.

Alternatively, a serious condition might force the victim to seek further medical help on a regular basis. If that were the case, then the victim’s chances for going for an extended period of time without needing short term disability insurance would be slim. That could make it hard for the same victim to hold down a job.

A serious condition would burden the victim with more than an extended recovery. It would also have a decided impact on multiple areas of the victim’s life. It might make it hard for the body to carry-out the simple act of eating. It might make it difficult for the impacted person to seek relief from a full bladder or a full intestine.

Those are things that most people do every day, as part of their daily life. A serious case could cause any affected victims to experience the case’s impact during almost every minute of their own daily life. That is the nature of a case that delivers some serious consequences.