What Residents of British Columbia Should Know About ICBC Driver Penalty Points

The facts shared with the readers of this article have become a hot topic for conversation in British Columbia. Why is that the case? Most of the complaints about the driver penalty points stem from the schedule used by ICBC, when notifying drivers about the number of points on their record.

There are few complaints about why any one driver might collect a point or two

A driver’s driving record plays a huge role in determining how rapidly he or she might collect some points. Drivers get points by making traffic infractions or by getting tickets. No infraction or ticket saddles a driver with less than 2 points. No attempt to break a criminal code saddles a driver with more than 10 points.

Any driver that gets more than 3 points during an assessment period should expect to get hit with a premium payment. That payment goes to ICBC.

Each driver in British Columbia gets a listing of his or her accumulated points

That gets delivered to the driver at the end of the assessment period. Each assessment period lasts for one full year. The assessed year starts on the day after the driver’s birthday and ends on the date of the driver’s next birthday. Drivers do not like getting news about their collected points on their birthday.

Questions that might be asked by a driver in the United States?

What about the points collected by a driver that plans to sell a vehicle? Don’t car buyers ask sellers about what their collected points might be?

What about parking tickets; do those come under the same category as a ticket for a driving offense?

Have the residents of British Columbia suggested a different schedule for delivery of news about the number of penalty points that have been collected by a given driver?

Would the residents of British Columbia prefer a system similar to the one used in at least one state in the United States? That system adds the amount of an unpaid ticket to the total fee for a car owner’s annual registration. Car Accident Lawyer in Langley knows that a car without an updated registration could be impounded.

In that same state, drivers that have accumulated a certain number of tickets might face the possibility of losing their license. The state government threatens to take away the driver’s license, if he or she gets another ticket before the end of the year.

Some drivers with lots of tickets take added precautions on the last day of December. Other drivers fail to pay close attention to either their driving habits or the calendar date. One of those rather heedless drivers might get ticketed again on the last day of the year.