What Happens When You Are Involved In A Motor Vehicle Collision Outside of British Columbia?

Even when you are involved in car accident outside of British Columbia, you will oftentimes still have a right to compensation for your losses. For one, the ICBC may still owe you benefits through your insurance policy. Their coverage expands outside of Canada and into the United States, which includes Hawaii and Alaska, but no further than that.


Litigation will be able to proceed outside of British Columbia as long as all involved drivers are insured by the ICBC. However, if you wish to proceed with legal matter in British Columbia while other involved parties do not, you might have to request a court order which will state that you wish for the case to be presented in British Columbia. Furthermore, if the accident occurred while you were operating a rental car or another vehicle which was not licensed in BC, you will have to look at the details of your coverage to see whether the ICBC has grounds to get involved or not. In regards to benefits and liability, the ICBC will always follow the jurisdiction's motor vehicle laws.

Available Sources For Compensation

The best way to find out which benefits you can obtain under your circumstances is by contacting a lawyer in your area. In order to help you get a basic idea of potential options available to you, ICBC Lawyers in Delta will give you a quick rundown.

Part 7 Benefits

If the accident took place in the United States or Canada, you will generally be able to obtain Part 7 benefits. These are oftentimes also referred to as no fault benefits, since they will be available to you, regardless of whether you are found liable for the accident or not. However, you will need to file a claim against another insurance prior, or you will not be able to claim these Part 7 benefits from the ICBC.

With no fault benefits, you can obtain as much as $300,000 in rehabilitation and medical coverage. Depending on your unique circumstances, you may also be able to recover benefits for housekeeping costs and income losses in addition. Your legal counsel will able to help you ensure that you receive the full extent of coverage, you are owed by the ICBC.

Under-Insured Motorist Protection

UMP extends to the United States as well, but is unavailable in all states and provinces in which all motor vehicle claims are banned. If you have been in such an accident, it is important that you call in the Personal Injury Lawyer in Delta. They understand the legalities of such accidents and will be able to help you negotiate the whole process better.