What Happens If You Get Hit By An Uninsured Driver?

Following the occurrence of an accident, the normal exchange of information vanishes, if one of the involved drivers has failed to buy automobile insurance. That insurance-lacking driver might even disappear from the scene. Fortunately, ICBC has established a means for protecting the driver and passengers in the damaged vehicle.

British Columbia has an uninsured motorists’ fund

Money from that fund can reimburse an accident victim for medical expenses, if that same victim’s vehicle was hit by an uninsured motorist. The injured victim can get up to $200,000. Still, the injured victim does have a responsibility to obtain certain information, in order to receive the available funds. Those that claim to have been injured during a collision with an; uninsured driver must stand ready to share the identity of either the driver, or the owner of the vehicle that caused the accident.

What steps should be taken by any motorist that has been hit by an uninsured driver?

• Note the time and location of the accident.
• At the scene of the accident show your license; ask to see the other driver’s ID/license. Meanwhile, record the make, color and tag for the other driver’s car, the one responsible for the accident.
• In a discreet fashion, call the police. Take pictures of the damaged vehicles. Search for and speak with witnesses. Get the witnesses’ names and contact information.
• Contact ICBC and seek medical attention.
• Contact a lawyer, and wait for the arrival of the police.

Information to share with police

Provide them with the name of the other driver, if you have obtained it. If not, did you get the name of the person that owned the vehicle driven by that other motorist? If not, did you at least get the number on the license plate, along with a basic description of that particular vehicle?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver is of the view that you should share your account of what happened. Provide the police with the names of witnesses, along with their contact information. If anyone in your vehicle was injured, be sure to make the officers aware of that fact.

Do not hesitate to share the pictures that you have taken. Ideally, your pictures can add to the information on the other driver’s vehicle. That should help the police to locate the driver that departed from the scene of the collision.

Find out how you can keep in touch with the police, in case you recall some other detail that could help with finding the uninsured driver. Offer to inquire about stores or restaurants in the area that might have a video camera focused on the location of the accident site. This gives you a reason to keep in touch with those that have immediate access to the police report.