What Could You Claim For If You Were In A Car Accident Outside of British Columbia?

Residents of British Columbia enjoy the benefits that are linked to their province’s insurance system. Still, some residents travel to point outside of B.C. If any of them become involved in an accident, they might be asking that question that is found in the title to this article.

A problem that must be confronted by anyone asking that specific question:

The need to find time for assembling all the necessary paperwork can prove a challenge. Some papers must be obtained from the jurisdiction where the accident took place. Some must be filed in that same jurisdiction.

The timing for calls to the insurance company and to an attorney.

Your insurance carrier is not familiar with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the accident took place. The resident of British Columbia might want to contact a lawyer before reporting the accident to his or her insurance carrier.

Does the BC resident need to forego all the no-fault benefits that are normally provided to drivers in British Columbia?

Those drivers can enjoy those benefits, as long as they manage to complete and submit all the necessary forms. Moreover, no form should have a mistake, because that would give the insurer a reason for denying the benefits.

It can be difficult for a driver to complete all those forms, and also do it perfectly. For that reason, most residents of British Columbia that must file a claim for an accident outside of BC decide to hire a lawyer. ICBC Lawyers in Langley would know how to handle all that paperwork.

What action could a driver take if the requested claim were denied?

In that case, the driver would need to seek permission for an appeal. Personal injury lawyers in British Columbia have learned how to present a case for the driver that was denied a request for a claim. Those lawyers have studied the various regulations that such drivers often need to meet.

Those same regulations can become a bit of a burden, especially if someone is unfamiliar with them, and must travel a great distance, in order to comply with them. Smart lawyers understand how to take advantage of that particular fact. They realize that a jurisdictions’ regulations can act as a burden. By calling attention to that fact, lawyers can increase their chances for winning an appeal.

If a driver that was denied a claim appeals the decision and wins, then the claim can be made. If the claim is granted, then at least some of the benefits enjoyed by B.C.’s driver can be delivered to the B.C.-resident that chose to do some traveling in a location that was a good distance from his or her home province.