What Are The Errors That Can Impede Progress For An ICBC Claim?

ICBC must have money on hand, in order to pay the claimants that deserve an award. For that reason, it studies each application, in order to weed out those that lack a sufficient amount of information. No claim will progress through the existing system at a steady pace, unless it lacks any errors.

Possible errors of omission

Submitting an application form that does not include the name and license number of the vehicle’s driver, along with the driver’s contact information. If the driver is not the owner of that same vehicle, the owner’s name and contact information belongs on the application as well.

Failing to seek prompt medical attention as soon as possible, starting from the time when two or more vehicles collided. Victims that make that sort of error invite an attorney for the defendant to allege that their actions worked to increase the severity of the sustained injuries.

Not meeting all the deadlines that have been included in ICBC’s claim process. By working with a lawyer, an accident victim could learn about the various deadlines and then prepare to meet each of them. Moreover, the same lawyer could remind the injured client about any approaching deadline.

Possible errors of commission

Agreeing to sign a statement and following through with that agreement. In British Columbia, an injured victim that is filing a personal injury claim does not have to sign a statement. Personal Injury Lawyers in Victoria advise against signing such a document, because you might unknowingly admit to some action. Then your signature would offer support for an allegation, one that was related to the forced admission of your conduct.

Choosing to go on the Internet and visit various social networking sites. When accident victims use social media, their photographed actions can be posted in a place where anyone can view them. That means that even the lawyers representing the defendant in the victim’s/claimant’s case can view what the victim has posted online. At no time should a picture posted on a social networking site show the claimant’s ability to perform an action that he or she has said could not be carried-out, due to the extent and nature of the claimant’s accident-related injuries.

Putting a false statement on ICBC’s form, when filing a claim. Never do that, especially if the statement refers to an existing injury, and a doctor has seen that same injury. The men and women at ICBC read the report from your treating physician. By reading that report, those same people can discover how truthful you have been in your application. Adding too much information about the measures used to diagnose the extent of a given injury. ICBC cares most about the treatment strategy.