What Actions You Can Take If You Are Bit By A Dog In British Columbia?

The dog bite laws of British Columbia grant a certain right to anyone that gets bit by a dog. He or she has the right to file a claim. Still, if the person that was the target of a canine’s teeth hopes to win that particular claim, then he or she must show that the dog’s owner did not take the expected steps, in order to keep the canine pet under control.

Circumstances that might lead to denial of a claim.

The dog was a stray. Someone that has become the target of a dog’s teeth can only file a claim after the dog’s owner has been located. Owner could show that his or her efforts satisfied the requirement that the pet be under control, in order to protect the public. For instance, it could be that the canine’s digging had allowed the pet to create an escape route under the bottom of an area of a fenced-in pen.

Someone that has provoked a canine could get denied, after filing a claim, following a time when that provoked animal has bitten the provoker. Yet a dog’s owner ought to caution anyone that approaches that four-legged friend, when it is on a leash, so that it can take a walk. That is especially true, if a small child has ventured in the direction of the leashed animal.

A special circumstance that can provide the dog’s victim with 2 different options

If somebody’s canine pet manages to knock you down, and then you get injured, you do have the ability to file a claim, under British Columbia’s laws. That assumes, of course, that you did not decide to attack the animal that had caused you to fall down.

Normally, someone that gets pushed by a large, four-legged pet does not have a desire to start a fight with that biting pet. Yet there has been at least one time when someone that had fallen, during a run-in with a canine, had chosen to fight that same animal. The woman that made that choice had access to pepper spray, and used it to get back at the biting pet.

Her attempt has demonstrated the need for lawyers to ask any dog-bite victim, how he or she had responded to the attack. Until now, it was not clear that the victim of a canine’s attack did have 2 options, even if he or she fell down. Until, now, no one had thought about using pepper spray on the poorly-controlled, 4-legged friend.

Today, though, Accident Lawyer in Kelowna should realize that such victims do have that option. Still those that use that same option must abandon all hope of winning a claim, should they decide to file one.