Wage Loss Benefits And Income Replacement In British Columbia

The Insurance Commission of British Columbia (ICBC) provides wage loss benefits to residents of the Province that have been injured in an accident. Yet the injured resident’s full loss does not get reimbursed until the injury claim has been resolved.

Private or company disability insurance can fill the gap

The company employer, or the holder of a private policy must have paid money into the short term and long-term disability policies, in order to be guaranteed of payments. Each payment equals only a portion of what the injured recipient had earned, in the form of a salary, before becoming injured.

The delivery of payments does not start until after the injured employee/policy holder has applied for the available benefits. Moreover, the request for such benefits must include submission of supplementary paperwork, namely the forms completed by the treating physician.

Additional sources of replacement income

Canadian Employment Insurance: Those who elect to receive replacement income from the funds held by the Canadian Employment Insurance must repay whatever money they received, after receiving a pay-out from their accident claim.

ICBC Part 7 benefits: These can serve as a temporary solution for someone that has been injured in motor vehicle accident. The injured victim must obtain form CL22, in order to apply for the Part 7 benefits. When submitted, the completed CL22 form should be accompanied by specific documents: the applicants’ employment verification, a medical validation of the applicant’s injury and proof of the applicants’ Canadian insurance.

Smart applicants contact ICBC Lawyers in Victoria before submitting the CL22 form. Once ICBC receives that particular form, it arranges for an adjuster to contact the injured applicant. Without a lawyer’s support, applicants may not know how to refuse the adjuster’s request for a statement. Yet even with a lawyer’s help, no recipient of Part 7 benefits can receive more than $300 per week.

CPP benefits: Made available to members of the Canadian Pension Plan. Those members must have contributed to CPP’s Disability Plan, and must be below the retirement age.

BC Employment and Assistance Program: This program offers income replacement to those residents of British Columbia that have been injured in an accident, and have not qualified for any of the other programs, those that have been named above. In addition, some employers allow injured employees to use their vacation time and sick days during the 1st two weeks of their disability leave.

What about the balance?

Most of the above programs offer payment of only a portion of the injured worker’s regular monthly salary. Still, there is a way for such workers to enjoy repayment of the full salary. That involves initiating a personal injury lawsuit.