Tips On Giving Proper Response To Low Settlement Offer

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, and you intend to file a personal injury claim, then you need to contact the insurance company of the responsible driver. Make that contact by sending the same company a demand letter. In that letter state the amount of money that you hope to receive, in the form of compensation.

Upon receiving your demands, the insurer will order an investigation of the evidence that relates to your accident. Following that investigation, an adjuster will contact you and make an offer. It could be a rather low one/offer.

Noteworthy features of that initial offer:

It might be made over the phone. If that is the case, you should ask to have the offer’s terms presented in writing. Do not believe any suggestion that the initial offering has any air of authority.

What sort of offering has the word “authority” attached to it?

The money value of such an offer does not get disclosed to the person that is seeking a settlement. The insurer’s authority gives him or her the right to state the highest amount for any offers coming from an adjuster, when settling a particular claim.

How to frame a response to a low settlement offer?

First, evaluate the reasons given for the offered settlement. In a letter respond to each of those reasons. Put forward a counter offer. It should be slightly lower than the amount stated in the initial demand, which you have sent earlier in a written statement.

Make a point of focusing on your pain and suffering, when composing your response, along with the terms of your counteroffer. Never use any form of contact to attack the adjuster. Present a sound and reasoned argument to any unfair proposal.

Do adjusters always put forward a low amount, when proposing that initial settlement figure?

No sometimes, an adjuster makes a fair offer. If that is the case, then the person that seeks an equitable compensation should accept that initial proposal. After all, it makes no sense to waste both your time and the adjuster’s time negotiating, if the amount proposed initially was truly a fair one.

On the other hand, an adjuster’s words and actions might push a claimant to accept a settlement that has a low amount attached to it. Such a foolish action abolishes any chance for seeking more money, should time show that the victim had suffered quite severe injuries. How can a claimant handle pressure to accept a low settlement? A claimant’s willingness to hire ICBC Lawyers in Victoria helps. A lawyer can obtain evidence of the severity of a client’s injuries, and then use that evidence to argue against the pressure from the insurer/adjuster.