Timeline For Settling Case With ICBC

Every case that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) handles includes some unique aspect. Still, there remain certain factors that affect the speed at which any case gets settled.

One factor that the victim/claimant cannot control:

The complexity of the case reflects the nature of the accident. If a collision has caused only minor injuries, the resulting case should get settled rather quickly. If a driver or passenger tries to fake injuries, the ICBC will fight their claim, and that will extend the timeline for settling that same claim.

By the same token, someone that has submitted a claim to ICBC could mention only the condition of the driver, and make no mention of passengers. If the driver had suffered no injuries, ICBC’s offer might get accepted quickly. Still, that would eliminate the possibility for seeking compensation for any injuries to the unnamed passengers.

Factors that the victim/claimant can control:

As indicated in the above section, a claimant’s willingness to accept ICBC’s first offer can reduce the timeline for settling a claim. Still, no lawyer would encourage a client to try undertaking such an action. The number of documents saved as evidence works to determine the amount of time that will pass before a given case gets settled. Anyone that has been in a motor vehicle accident should save any doctors’ bills, hospital bills and receipts for purchased medications or medical supplies.

The same victim/claimant would need other documents, if he or she was employed, and was earning a living. In that case, ICBC would want proof of the employee’s wages. Someone that was self-employed would need to show any record that could prove that the injury had kept the victim/claimant from making money.

Claimants can strive to limit the number of technicalities associated with any case. For instance, if the information supplied by the treating physician does not match with the claims made in the report submitted to ICBC, that would be a problem. That would delay the process that allows for a settling of any dispute. So, how can claimants work to avoid the development of such technical problems? That is best done by hiring a personal Injury Lawyer in Richmond. A lawyer familiar with the laws in British Columbia should know what sorts of problems others have faced in the past.

Armed with that knowledge, a hired attorney could work to make sure that a given client did not invite the introduction of similar problems. By the same token, an attorney should make sure that no client overlooks the fact that there were passengers in the car, even though the driver did not suffer any harm. That does not mean that all passengers escaped the risk of injury.