Things To Look Out For When You File Your ICBC Claim

#1 Always get yourself checked out by a licensed medical professional

You may be feeling fine after you have come out of the accident, but that does not mean that you weren't injured. our involvement in a motor vehicle collision in British Columbia that left you injured, you are most likely going to find yourself in a situation in which you are required to file an ICBC claim in order to obtain compensation for your accident related expenses and losses. If you want your claim to be successful, and for your settlement to be fair, you will need to watch out for certain easily made mistakes so you can avoid them.

The shock and adrenaline for one, are good at overshadowing pains and aches, and other types of injuries are known for late onset symptoms. By getting yourself checked out right away, you will be able to catch and treat injuries early before they can worse. Furthermore, that initial documented checkup will also help you, if you need to file a claim later on, since it shows that you have done your best to mitigate your losses.

#2 Gathering as much information as possible

While you are still at the accident site, it is important that you interview all parties involved. This means getting the name and contact information from the other drivers, all the passengers, bystanders, and other witnesses. You will also want to get the license plate from the other vehicles, and take pictures of the vehicles, road conditions, car damages, and your own injuries. This is also the best time to interview the witnesses since their memories will still be fresh.

#3 Call the police to the site

Even if you do not deem it necessary at the time, you should always call the police to the site of the accident so they can draft a report and make their initial determination of who is at fault for causing the accident. That first report could be essential for the claim you will be filing with the ICBC later on, so be sure to get a copy of it as soon as you can. Additionally, it is good to inform your injury lawyer in Vancouver as soon as possible after the accident, so that they can start the process of filing the claim while the evidence isn’t lost.

#4 Always be honest with your doctor

Never undermine or ignore symptoms during your medical checkups. Even if you think that slight headache is not worth mentioning, you should always let your doctor know.It is important to have medical records for the health issues that you are having, so that the evidence can be submitted later on.