The Role of Insurance Adjuster In Auto Claims

The insurance adjuster has a huge part to play in your claim. They are there from beginning to end and do their best to process and close your file as quickly as possible. Doing a quick job is their job and they obtain payment on claims as a percentage of the settlement.

The adjuster will ask you a lot of questions about you, your accident and injuries. They must obtain all medical records. After gathering all the information, they will assign a possible amount from all the information they have and they could provide claim denial reasons.

If ICBC has sufficient medical evidence the adjuster can handle many other arrangements such as in-home care, rehabilitation and a plan to get you back to work. In order for the adjuster to close your claim they need to get you back to work as soon as possible. The adjuster can have a private investigator follow you. This is a perfectly legal practice. Their job will be to obtain information to be used against you so the adjuster can justifiably close your claim quickly.

Adjusters must share all information continuously with all stakeholders. This is people such as you and your family, hospitals, health care professionals, specialists, employers and legal counsel. Their job also consists of reporting and explaining to their supervisor why your claim has not been closed.

If it seems to be taking the adjuster longer to close the claim than is deemed necessary the insurance company will pay out for a second opinion. These independent doctors will write a report that states you have exaggerated your injuries or that you are fully capable of returning to work. The insurance company does not mind paying more for these second opinions when the original cost of treatment may have been less. These are not impartial assessments but it helps ICBC keep insurance costs down for other policy holders by closing a file as early as possible.

Even though the adjuster wants to quickly get the accident benefits case closed they will drag their feet paying out significant claims. They want to rush you through the settlement claim so you cannot claim for additional compensation later on. The adjuster will possibly tell you must accept the offer made soon regardless of the law, in which you have two years to make claim.

It is best to never sign anything that your ICBC Lawyers in Port Moody has not reviewed. This will ensure that you are not signing away your entitlements to the right amount of compensation that is due to you. As you may not be conversant with legalese and might just not comprehend what you are actually signing, hire the services of a injury lawyer to ensure you do it right.