The Rights of Someone With A Traumatic Brain Injury

It would seem clear that any bike rider would have a strong case against any driver that hit that same bicyclist. Still, the nature of ICBC’s investigative process pushes lawyers in British Columbia to warn their bike-riding clients about the appropriate actions to take, after being hit by a motorist.

What circumstances might lead to creation of a traumatic brain injury (TBI)?

• Someone gets hurt while participating in a sporting event
• One person carries-out a violent action during a fight
• Someone gets injured in the head, after experiencing a fall; this situation describes what happens in 1/3 of the circumstances associated with TBIs.
• The impact linked to a motor vehicle collision causes a driver or passenger to suffer a TBI; this is the primary cause of most TBIs.

How does a TBI’s existence get discovered?

Its existence may not be obvious. It must be diagnosed by a medical professional.

What gets tested by that medical professional?

The patient’s motor responses, both the reflexive responses and those completed by the patient at the request of the examining physician. The patient’s visual responses, including those associated with the subject’s peripheral vision. The verbal responses, those made in an effort to answer one or more of a doctor’s questions. Sometimes the verbal responses get tested during an IQ exam, which is administered by a language pathologist.

What sorts of treatments get used on someone with a TBI?

When the disorder has been diagnosed in the early stages, doctors can use physical therapy and speech therapy. If the diagnosis has been made at an advanced stage, a neurosurgical procedure may prove necessary.

Why should personal injury lawyers care about the rights of such clients/victims?

A brain disorder can impede a student’s ability to learn. That can force a student to abandon an effort aimed at obtaining a higher degree. In the absence of that degree, the affected adult must take a lower-paying job.

Fatigue has been associated with TBIs. A fatigued employee struggles to complete assignments. Consequently, that same employee may find it hard to please an employer, and to keep a certain job. That is why consulting with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Surrey is important.

The neurosurgical procedures used to treat TBIs can invite the occurrence of further problems. The treated patient might develop an infection. In addition, the device used to treat the patient might become less effective, after it has been functioning for a number of years, or even decades.

In other words, some treated victims get forced to request an early retirement. Obviously, such an action reduces the amount of money that the early-retiree could have earned. In other words, someone with an accident-caused TBI has the right to seek a fair compensation, including one that compensates for loss of expected income.