Taking The Right Steps After A Car Accident

Car accidents always hit out of nowhere. There is no way to predict them or plan ahead. However, you can take the time to memorize the correct steps which you can take afterward to protect yourself and your potential passengers, as well as how you can properly file a claim.

TIP: you can also write down or print out a checklist which you can store in your car. This will make it easier for you to get everything done despite the fact that car accidents are extremely stressful which makes it easy to forget important steps.

Medical Attention above All Else

This should always be the first thing you do immediately following a car accident. There is nothing in the world that matters more than ensuring the health and safety of all the people involved in the accident. Be sure to check not just yourself for signs of injury, but also your passengers and all the other drivers and their passengers. If anybody is, in fact, injured, call for medical attention right away. Your car and ICBC do not matter at this point in time, all that matters are the ones injured.

Importance of Photos

Photograph everything. Doesn't matter if they are pictures taken with your phone, a camera, a laptop, a tablet – you just need them taken. Snap photos of your car from all angles, as well as from all other involved vehicles and the space between them. Next, photograph the road and any potential pot holes, puddles, or iced patches on it, as well as other potential hazards or obstacles like fallen branches, dropped cargo from a truck or anything else of that kind that could have posed as a distraction or otherwise influenced the accident.

Gather The Witnesses

If there are witnesses on the scene, get their information as soon as possible. The same thing goes for other drivers, passengers, or anybody else that may have seen or heard something. While you are at it, also take pictures of, or write down, the license plate numbers of all involved vehicles.

Report To ICBC

This step will need to be done right after the accident. You may not be obligated to file a claim with ICBC, but you do need to report the accident itself. If you fail to do so, you will only put stones in your own way by making it difficult to later file claim and maybe even losing your coverage, regardless of whether you are found liable. That is why after the medical care the next step should be to contact the personal injury lawyer in Surrey so that they can evaluate the current damages and file for compensation accordingly.