Taking The Right First Steps After Your Involvement In A Motor Vehicle Collision

There is no way to know when a motor vehicle collision is going to take place. Most people never even want to think about the possibility of them becoming involved in one. But they do happen. And they happen to a lot of people every single year. These people's lives are being thrown off course and turned upside down in the aftermath. There really is only one thing to do to prepare yourself for these situations, and that is to gather knowledge so you won't feel as lost if you ever do become involved in a collision yourself.

The health and safety of the people involved should always be your number one concern

In the immediate moments after the motor vehicle collision has occurred, your main worry and focus should be the health and safety of yourself, your passengers, and the people in the other vehicles involved. This is why you will need to check on everyone as soon as you can. Only if you can, of course.

Once everybody's injuries have been assessed and addressed, if necessary, it is time to call emergency contacts to the scene in order to get everyone checked up by medical professionals. Even if everyone is feeling fine in the moment, the shock and adrenaline could be overshadowing symptoms. Sometimes people will also have a condition with late onset symptoms, such as brain injuries, which can have severe consequences if left untreated.

Document as much as you can and do it thoroughly

ICBC Lawyers in Surrey are of the view that if you are feeling well enough, whip out your camera as soon as you have gotten checked up by the emergency personnel. Use your cellphone camera to snap pictures of everything. This includes the damages on your vehicle, your injuries, the road conditions, the license plates of the other involved vehicles, the positioning of all the vehicles in relation to each other, and anything else you deem to potentially be of use or importance.

Interview bystanders, passengers, drivers, and anybody else who could be important

Unless somebody is too injured to be talked to, you should strive to speak with every single person at the scene. Ask them all for their names and phone numbers, and if they are one of the drivers, also their insurance details. Gathering all that information now will save you a lot of stress and headaches in the future. It is for sure that when you hire the services of a competent injury lawyer in Surrey, they help you at every step of the way.As they have worked on similar cases in the past, it is easy for them to guide and represent you.