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Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Surrey

At Barapp Law Firm, personal injury is all we do. We believe that in concentrating our expertise to one field of law, we can offer the most experienced and comprehensive representation possible. Over the years, our Surrey injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients while handling their representation with compassion and caring.

Before You Accept an Insurance Settlement

If you have suffered an injury due to someone’s carelessness or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses. Call us now for help: 1-800-963-0658. Although you may be dealing with your insurance company and they have offered a settlement, do you really know what your claim may be worth? And what do you do when you need additional treatments for your injuries in the future?

When you accept a settlement from an insurance company, you may be closing the door on your ability to revisit that claim if necessary. Although in the moment that settlement might seem like a large amount, when you consider all the factors in your current and future prognosis, it may be insufficient to take care of all your bills and living expenses until your final recovery. In our years of dealing with the insurance companies, we know these things:

  • They will downplay your injuries and even deny your claim.
  • Their priority is not your recovery but their bottom line.
  • Initial settlements are typically far less than they are really willing to pay.
  • They will offer a quick settlement before you know the full scope of your injuries and recovery costs.

Have an Expert on Your Side

When we represent your legal interests, we thoroughly investigate your accident, your injuries, and we also look to the future for possibilities that you may not have considered.

Having a legal professional on your side may be one of the most important things you can do for yourself after an injury. We have years of experience and understand how insurance companies work. We also work with a network of medical professionals who are intimately aware of what your long-term prognosis may be and what complications may arise in the future.

Access to Your Team

At Barapp Law Firm, we are committed to providing the most comprehensive legal advice and representation available today in British Columbia. We know you want access to your team so we offer our clients continual access to our Surrey injury lawyers from the initial consultation to case resolution. When you hire our legal team, you have the experience and resources to ensure that your representation has the finest professionals looking out for your success.

What We Do

Our Surrey personal injury lawyers only represent the victim, never corporate or insurance company interests. In that way, we are never compromised in our commitment to the injured party. When you hire our legal professionals to represent you, we will:

  • Advise you of any benefits that you are entitled to.
  • Investigate all circumstances surrounding your accident to ensure that we have all the facts
  • Work in cooperation with any of your current healthcare providers
  • Ensure that you have access to the finest medical interventions for your total recovery
  • Assist you in obtaining a fair compensation for your injuries

We are committed to your recovery and work diligently on your legal behalf.

We are Proud of Our Success

At Barapp Law Firm, we are incredibly proud of some of our large settlements and record-setting financial recoveries for our clients. But what we are most proud of is the trust that our clients place in us, enough to refer us to others. We are also proud of the fact that many other lawyers who do not practice personal injury come to us for their own legal representation.

We Have Been There Before

While there will be no other claims exactly like yours, you can take comfort in knowing that our lawyers have the experience in resolving issues similar to yours. During each step of the process, you can trust that we have been there before, from initial investigation through the final settlement or trial.

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If you or someone you know has recently suffered a serious injury, we know how frightening this time can be. A serious injury can change the course of a life in an instant, and beyond the physical issues come emotional trauma, shock, and ripple effects through the family. In such a difficult time, it can be difficult to think beyond the present, and consider what is necessary to protect you family, your rights, and your financial future. Difficult it may be, but it is important that you find a professional accident lawyer in Surrey who will represent your interests every step of the way.

Barapp Law Firm is the most experienced, professional, and compassionate team of personal injury and car accident lawyers in Surrey. Our commitment to representing clients against private insurance companies and the ICBC has helped us to help hundreds of personal injury victims in Surrey, and beyond.

When you work with us, you have access to the experience and expertise of a team of ICBC lawyer in Surrey and other injury specialists throughout British Columbia. With our track record of negotiating successful settlements, our compassion and dedication to clients and our professional commitment to the field of personal injury, makes Barapp Law Firm the best choice of personal injury lawyer for residents of Surrey.

If you have been injured in an accident, call our skilled Surrey injury lawyers at Barapp Law Firm. We offer a no-cost initial consultation to discuss your accident and your legal rights to compensation for your injuries.

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