Suppose You Have A Car Accident Outside of British Columbia

The Insurance Corporation British Columbia (ICBC) furnishes coverage to the car owners in that Province. Each of them is covered, while driving on the provincial roads and highways. What happens if one of those same residents travels to a different province or country?

Where can a BC resident seek benefits, if involved in an out-of-province accident?

A resident of British Columbia can seek benefits from ICBC for an accident that has taken place anywhere in Canada. In addition, those same benefits get made available to anyone that was involved in an accident anywhere in the United States. On the other hand, ICBC will not offer coverage to a BC resident that has traveled to Mexico, or any other country.

Where will the litigation take place?

If both of the involved drivers were from British Columbia, the litigation can proceed in that same Province. If the other driver wants the case tried in a court near his or her home, the resident of British Columbia can go to court and ask to have the trial held I British Columbia.

What benefits can the BC resident claim in a courtroom?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Burnaby know that residents of BC that become involved in an accident have the right to seek no fault benefits from ICBC. In addition, each of those same residents has the right to go after the part 7 benefits, regardless of where the accident took place.

What happens if a resident of British Columbia rents a car, and then travels out-of-the-province and has an accident?

If that resident were driving the rented car, he or she could expect ICBC to follow the motor vehicle laws of the region in which the accident took place. That fact would affect ICBC’s approach to any injuries suffered by a BC resident in a rented vehicle. If the driver stayed in Canada, then that driver, along with any passengers could depend on coverage, as provided by British Columbia’s medical services.

Understand that all residents of Canada have the right to use the government-funded health insurance. The availability of that insurance gives ICBC the ability to promise coverage of medical expenses to anyone that rents a car in British Columbia and then travels to another province. In contrast to that promise, ICBC cannot offer coverage of medical expenses to the renter of a car, if that rented vehicle has been taken into the United States.

By the same token, ICBC’s medical coverage would not be offered to someone that has rented a car and has used it to venture into Mexico, or any country further south. Obviously, a car would not serve as adequate transportation to any spot outside of the American Continents although ICBC covers rented vehicles in Hawaii.