Suggested Approach To ICBCs First Offer

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) makes an initial offer to every claimant. Although no two claimants should expect to have the same offer, there is one suggested response for all claimants.

It is best not to accept that first offer.

Any personal injury lawyer in British Columbia would give that advice to a client, if that same client had submitted a claim to ICBC. The Personal Injury Lawyer in Surrey in that Province have good reason for making that suggestion.

Nature of ICBC’s policy holders

Each resident of British Columbia must purchase automobile insurance from ICBC. As a result, that Corporation must respect the claims made by some policy holders, while helping to defend others. In its effort to cut costs, the same Corporation puts demands on claimants, making it hard for them to prove their case.

Not all claimants seek legal representation.

ICBC’s tactics have the greatest effect on those claimants that did not seek any form of legal representation. They are most apt to accept that first low offer. Personal injury lawyers know that no victim of a car accident should seek to settle with the insurance company until he or she has reached the point of maximum medical improvement. That is the point at which it becomes clear that no further symptoms or complications could develop.

ICBC remains unaware of all the facts that are associated with any given case.

ICBC’s process calls for submission of a specific form within a certain number of days after an accident. That form gives basic facts, regarding what happened at the time of that unfortunate incident. The same form does not include any information on the accident’s effects.

For instance, it could be that the driver or one of the passengers hit his or her jaw bone. That could have resulted in a need for an operation on the jaw. When someone recovers from such surgery, that same patient must have a restricted diet, because chewing is impossible. In other words, the accident has forced someone in the impacted vehicle to live on liquids or soft foods for a limited amount of time. A lawyer can point to such a deprivation as the unfortunate result of a collision. It deprives the victim of some of the enjoyment of life.

Anything that has taken away from the enjoyment of life could be used to increase the size of the compensation that was sought by a claimant/victim. Lawyers understand that fact, and make good use of it. That is just one example of how the facts submitted to ICBC fail to reveal all the details about an accident’s effects. An attorney has run across others, which might relate to a given client’s case.