Steps To Take After A Hit-And-Run Car Accident In British Columbia

No one wants to get involved in an automobile accident. That disquieting experience can be even more unpleasant, if the responsible driver vanishes from the scene. ICBC covers the losses suffered by any accident victim in British Columbia. Still, full protection becomes available to any driver that has followed ICBC’s established settlement procedure.

The first steps in that procedure should get followed at the scene of the collision.

Call the authorities: the police and the ambulance, too, if anyone has been injured. If possible, move your car to the side of the road. Seek medical care, or plan to see your own doctor just as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours.

Write down what you know about the vehicle that hit you: Make, model, color, year and province or state issuing license plate. Record the time and location of the collision. Do not forget to mention in what lane the incident took place. Also, try to estimate the speed of the vehicle that was driven by the at-fault party. Finally, record the direction in which the driver headed, when departing from the scene.

Speak with any witnesses. Get their name and contact information as your ICBC Lawyers in Richmond will need. If possible, take pictures of the damage on your vehicle. Take shots from several angles. If you want, you can take pictures of your injuries, as well.

Tasks to complete in the next 24 to 48 hours:

Check to see if any business, office buildings or restaurants I the area have cameras that target the scene of the collision. Try to learn what images can be found on the tapes taken from any one of those same cameras.

Report the accident to ICBC. Be careful not to admit fault, when you get in touch with ICBC. Do not suggest in any way that you could be charged with contributory negligence.

Jobs to be completed, if hoping to carry out all of ICBC’s settlement procedure:

Save all your receipts. Those small documents can be used as evidence.

Contact a personal injury lawyer. Share with that attorney the information that you jotted down at the scene of the accident. Also provide your attorney with the names and contact information from witnesses. In addition, explain what you have discovered, regarding what images have been recorded by any nearby cameras.

Do your best to track down the location of the driver that departed from the scene. Your lawyer can then arrange to interview that same driver. That interview can take place in your lawyer’s offices. A recording of that same interview can then be sent to the responsible driver’s insurance company.