Risks Introduced When Claimant Seeks To Try Self-Representation

Television and films showcase the drama that takes place in the courtroom. Viewers do not see any footage that displays all that goes on before and during the time of the trial. Consequently, some over-confident plaintiffs feel motivated to try the approach known as self-representation.

What is self-representation?

This is a method that might be used by the plaintiff, so that no lawyer represents one of the 2 parties in a given dispute.

What are the possible consequences of self-representation?

One of the major pitfalls is that the plaintiff fails to follow the established procedure, so that the case gets dismissed, when it goes to trial. Additionally, party that has engaged in self-representation cannot prove that the other party should be held liable. The absence of expert witnesses can increase the chances for such an outcome. The plaintiff might have to pay money to the opponent’s injury lawyer.

What are the possible sources of money, if someone that has lost a personal injury case must pay money to the opponent’s injury lawyer?

Some money gets taken from the salary of the person that has lost the case. A small amount of money comes out periodically, until the opponent’s injury lawyer in Delta has been paid in-full. A levy gets placed on the bank account of the person that owes money to the opponent’s injury lawyer.

A lien gets placed on a possession that the loser of the personal injury case might want to sell. If that same individual owns any property, a lien might be placed on that property. Then, following the sale of that same piece of property, the opponent’s injury lawyer would have a right to claim a portion of the amount paid by the buyer.

How an attempt at self-representation might prove successful?

If the opposing party had somehow exploited the person that has sought damages, that fact could be used to fight any accusations from that same party. This tactic works best if the opponent has overlooked the skills of the person that has been held responsible for a certain amount of damage.

No legal strategy

Without knowledgeable lawyers, it is immensely difficult for the accident victims to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. They would not know whether the settlement that is offered is fair or is a low amount that is less than what they can get. This is exceptionally challenging for someone that lacks legal experience in tort claims.

Unconvincing case

It is difficult for an individual who is self-representing to formulate a claim as they are unable to gather evidence and provide the right documentation for supporting a claim. Additionally, they might lack speaking and writing skills, that are needed to support a claim. And that is why having a good personal injury lawyer in Port Moody can help.