Risks Assumed By Someone That Drives Without Insurance

Some drivers put lots of money and effort into obtaining impressive components or accessories for their highly-prized set-of-wheels. Government authorities want all drivers to have a similar feeling with respect to their car insurance. In other words, the government wants every driver to be insured.

What happens to the motorist that gets caught driving without insurance?

In British Columbia that motorist could be charged with any of 3 different offenses. Those would be driving without insurance, failing to present an insurance document and failing to display a decal on your license plate. Of those 3 different charges, the first is the most serious.

What type of ticket might such a motorist receive?

Usually, if the police stop someone for driving without insurance, the stopped driver gets a violation ticket. Those that pay that ticket do not have to appear in court. In fact, if the ticket gets paid within 30 days, the fine of $598 can be reduced by $25.

Still, no driver should think that he can keep tempting fate, and then pay the fine, if caught driving without insurance. Repeat offenders will be forced to appear in court. Any one of them could get an appearance notice or a summons for one of the lesser offenses.

True, the fine for failing to produce an insurance document is only $81. The fine for failing to display a decal on the license plate is only $109. Still, the driver that has been hit with such a charge gets the appearance notice or summons by mail. Furthermore, the same driver must set aside time for actually appearing in court. Why would it be correct to say that the motorist that got caught had better luck than the one that remained uninsured, while travelling down the road?

Ideally, the motorist that received a violation ticket should feel motivated to buy insurance. The driver that might be seen as lucky actually accepted a very risky future. A driver’s lack of car insurance can force him or her into a bad situation, in the event of an accident.

If the insurer for the other party refuses to pay the requested compensation, there is no way by which the uninsured car owner/driver can feel guaranteed of such compensation. True that uninsured man or woman could hire an Accident Lawyer in Kelowna. Lawyers know how to search for evidence that a different party might be held responsible for the collision. Still, that demands the sacrifice of a good deal of time and effort.

Would it not make more sense to simply purchase a good, sound automobile insurance policy? The governments of both Canada and British Columbia have implemented measures that are supposed to drive-home that fact.