Regulations Placed On Motorcycle Riders In British Columbia

Although Canada’s regulations, concerning the wearing of helmets, were passed in hopes of protecting motorcycle riders, some of them still chose to tempt fate. Some of them purchased and wore a type of headgear that could be described as a beanie, a skull cap or a skid lid. That particular form of head covering does not really ensure the safety of the person that has chosen to wear it. That fact underscores the reason for the newer regulations.

Regulations that pertain to helmets

Each helmet worn by a motorcycle rider should meet the industry safety standards. It should bear proof of the fact that it has been certified by one of 4 recognized regulatory bodies/laws. Those are the United States Department of Transportation, Snell M2005, Snell M2010 and the United Nations Economic Commission to Europe.

The approved headgear does not feature a thin fiberglass covering. Unlike a beanie, it covering has a thickness that exceeds measurably the 1 cm thickness of the fiberglass in a beanie. Any motorcyclist in British Columbia that fails to don such regulation headgear, before riding down the highway must pay a fine of $138. However, even ICBC Lawyers in New Westminster would stress upon the helmet laws.

Regulations that pertain to licenses and license plates

Canada made a few changes to its graduated licensing program. Those beginning motorcyclists that have a lower level license must respect one new restriction. That temporary restriction puts limits on the amount of power that can be possessed by a beginner’s motorcycle.

Another regulation relates to both riders and their passengers. Both of them must be able to reach the motorcycle’s pegs or floorboards with their feet. That rule was adopted in order to limit the number of motorcycle owners that will agree to transport a child. A third ruling has called for changes in the font used on the license plates that get placed on motorcycles. The new ruling calls for utilization of a larger font. Canada expects every resident that owns a motorcycle to purchase and use one of the newer plates. Those that fail to meet that expectation must pay a $230 fine.

The one group of Canadians that is exempt from the helmet laws

Those are the Canadian residents that profess to be among the Nation’s practicing Sikhs. Their uncut hair will not fit under a helmet. The Sikh’s refusal to get a haircut stems from his or her readiness to follow the teachings of the Sikh religion. That teaching calls for covering a follower’s unshorn head with 5 or more meters of cloth.

As yet, no exceptions have been made to the law that forbids squeezing between 2 lanes of traffic, or the rule against the passing of a motored vehicle while on the shoulder of a road. Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Westminster, if you are involved in such an accident.