Process For Reporting Car Accident To ICBC

The process established by the Insurance Corporation British Columbia (ICBC) outlines the procedure that should be used by anyone that becomes involved in an accident while in British Columbia. In other words, that procedure must be used by any hit pedestrian, any hit bike rider, any motorcycle rider, any injured passenger, and of course, any driver.

Tasks handled by ICBC

• Provide auto insurance to all motorists in British Columbia (BC)
• Grant licenses to drivers in BC
• Hand out registration to appropriate car owners in BC
• Receive report of motor vehicle accident during the 24-hour period that follows the same accident.

ICBC’s interpretation of report can alter the nature of the submitted claim

An injured passenger must submit an ICBC passenger claim, which gets reviewed by the Corporation. Any communications sent to one of ICBC’s offices can be used to fight a submitted claim. That communication could have been received as an online form, an email, a mailed letter, or a telephone call.

Despite the fact that a reported accident qualifies as a statement from the claimant, anyone involved in an accident must report that incident to ICBC within 24 hours. If someone that was involved in an accident fails to submit a report, then he or she faces the possibility of losing the available insurance benefits.Still, submission of a report does not guarantee the delivery of those same insurance benefits. If the reported claim gets denied, no benefits get offered to the claimant.

What could be the basis for a denial?

• Not meeting a given deadline.
• Not providing a completed report.
• An allegation that the claimant had carried out acts that qualified as contributory negligence.
• An allegation that the claimant’s vehicle had not been maintained properly.

An allegation that the claimant had done nothing to prevent the accident. If the claimant were a pedestrian, this allegation might take the form of a charge that the pedestrian had failed to wear an outfit that could be seen easily by a motorist. A similar charge could be made against a motorcycle rider or a bike rider.

How to fight denial of a claim?

The suggested approach for someone that intends to fight denial of a claim calls for the hiring of ICBC Lawyers in Victoria. The attorney would need to produce evidence that could show ICBC’s allegation to be unverified. That evidence might take the form of a photograph or a video clip.

How could such evidence come to the attention of ICBC? It would need to be introduced during a claim assessment review. Lawyers in British Columbia have learned how to request that, and then to contribute a piece of new information, one that can get used in a claim assessment review.