Procedures Used By Victims of Car Share Accidents That Seek Compensation

Someone that has chosen to share a ride does not have to forego his or her right to be covered, in the event of an accident. Still, the procedure available for providing such coverage gets determined by the rules of the ride-sharing company. All companies ask that any accident be reported as soon as possible. The methods used for covering the cost of repairs varies from company to company.

Some companies use a deductible to pay for the repairs.

The customer must cover the cost of the deductible. That cost varies, ranging from a low of $500 to a high of $2,000. A company is apt to slap a higher charge on an authorized driver that has agreed to let someone else sit in the driver’s seat. That action can be pointed to as a possible cause for a given accident.

Special policy that was initiated by Ero:

Ero urges all drivers to carry some type of additional insurance coverage. This suggestion gets made because of Ero’s awareness of the limited coverage provided by the company’s own comprehensive and collision policies.

Customers that elect to use Ero should know what could happen, if they were to be held liable for a given accident. Ero’s executives could ask that liable driver to pay the full deductible or any related expenses.

Procedure used by Zipcar:

Zipcar customers have the option of buying a waiver. The customer that has purchased such a waiver remains free of the need to pay an accident fee in most circumstances. Still, ICBC Lawyers in Abbotsford know that customers can get hit with such a fee, if they behaved irresponsibly, after buying the available waiver.

What sorts of actions would Zipcar equate with irresponsible driving behavior? One of those would be performed by anyone that chose to drive while intoxicated with alcohol, or while under the influence of a controlled substance. Customers should realize that a hospital can test for the presence of alcohol or for controlled substances, once a patient has arrived at the emergency room.

Another example of irresponsible behavior would be shown by any driver that became distracted, while sitting at the wheel of a ride-sharing vehicle. Once at the scene of an accident, police look for evidence that the driver might have been distracted.

Are any items from a fast food restaurant in the area around the driver’s seat? Is there an open pocketbook near that same seat? That could suggest that the driver has tried to apply makeup while sitting behind the steering wheel.

Is there a cell phone in a position that would appear to be an arm’s length from the driver? Maybe it fell into a spot that seems beyond the measured reach of the driver’s arm.