One Action To Avoid After Making A Personal Injury Claim

A claimant must be careful about including all the relevant information in the on the claim form, and in the packet that contains that form. Yet even after filing a claim, the victim of an accident-caused injury must exercise a good deal of caution. That means not sharing news with friends and family on a smartphone.

Do you want information about your accident to get posted on Facebook or Twitter?

If you do not want that, then you should refrain from using your smartphone as much as possible. You cannot erase anything that you sent to someone else by using your smartphone. Anything sent to friends or relatives by means of a smartphone remains accessible to others that click onto the Internet.

Insurance companies hire investigators.

The investigators devote the bulk of their time to searching online for facts that have been posted on the Internet by different policy holders, especially those that have made a claim, following an accident. Each investigator has learned what sort of postings can be of greatest help to the insurer. That is why insurance companies browse social media channels for any scope of denying the claim.

Photographs can serve as evidence that a claimant has failed to tell the truth. If someone has claimed that he or she cannot perform a certain task, and then has been caught in a picture doing that same task, that finding can be used by the defendant’s legal team. Even the claimant’s choice of content for viewing can be used to support the defendant’s case. If a claimant/plaintiff has said that he or she has become emotionally stressed, the insurer might want to question the desire to view content that can work to increase the viewer’s level of stress.

Know what should not get posted online.

As per personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, you should not go into details, regarding where you got injured or the details on the time of the injury online. It is best to avoid mentioning how you are being treated for your injury. Don’t mention anything about where you received that treatment, and how long you have been undergoing some form of treatment.

Most of the injury lawyers inform their clients about the pitfalls of being active on social media channels and the repercussions are usually low compensation amounts. That is why it is essential that you discuss all aspects of publicizing your accident with your lawyer before you actually do it.

Additionally, no information about the potential claim amount or the anticipated size of a possible compensation should be mentioned anywhere online. Avoid posting any information that you have shared with or obtained from your personal injury lawyer.