Notable Difference In Responsibilities of An ICBC Adjuster And A Personal Injury Lawyer

The main thing you need to know about ICBC adjusters is that they are with the ICBC. Because of this, their main concern lies with ensuring that your claim is taken care of quickly and with as little expenses on their part as possible. They do not care about your worries, concern, and thus, do not act in your best interest. What this means for you is that the ICBC wants you to settle for a monetary amount that is not fair and does not fully compensate you for the damages that resulted from the accident.

However, the ICBC may also try to portion the blame between yourself and the other involved party, even if that other party's negligent actions have been proven to be the instigator for the accident that has caused your injuries and/or other losses. Additionally, the ICBC's adjuster may not even be an accident lawyer in Vancouver which means they most likely do not even fully comprehend the legal issues and/or what your claim implies. The insurance adjusters try their best to reduce your claim as they are working for the insurance company and are conversant with the methods to deny your claim or lowball you.


The initial offer made by the ICBC is almost always favoring their own interests. Or more simply put: it is an offer that saves them money. When it comes to clear-cut cases where there is no question as to who is responsible for the accident, this will generally work out for both parties. But in cases where there is a dispute of liability, this offer is oftentimes anything but fair to the person who has been wronged. In situations like these, you will want a personal injury lawyer. Since they are hired by you, they will push for a settlement that is in your best interests, not in the ICBC's.

If it comes down to it and the ICBC absolutely refuses to make a settlement that is reasonable, your personal injury lawyer will take your claim to trial. This is in an effort to force the ICBC to make a fair offer and reach a fair settlement for all involved parties. Through negotiations and the courts, your personal injury lawyer will get to show their value and skill-set by presenting their gathered evidence in support of your case, calling on expert witnesses, obtaining resources as well as testimonies, negotiating a settlement, helping you collect your no-fault benefits from the ICBC, and generally arguing in favor of your case in court.