More About Insurance Claims Surrounding Car-Sharing Collisions

With car-sharing companies rising in popularity, more and more people are taking advantage of this opportunity either while their car is at the mechanic, or when they are on vacation, and so on. And while this can be extremely convenient, there is still a matter many seem to simply overlook: what happens when you get into an accident with such a car?

There Is No Standard Procedure

There really isn't. At least not on a general scale. Each car-sharing company will have their own procedures put in place which makes it all the more vital that you inform yourself ahead of time. Liability and insurance are no joking matter, and you should be aware of what you may be getting into when you sign on that dotted line. That is why you need to ensure that you give that a quick read so you are bot caught unaware later on.

One thing all these car-sharing will most likely have in common, is that you should notify them right away if you have been involved in an accident. The rest, however, will be unclear until you have informed yourself. For example, some companies have a standard deductible fee which may increase, if an authorized person was driving.

Others will require insurance coverage for all damages not covered by their own standard coverage. The deductible will oftentimes increase if you are declared liable for causing the accident. Every now and again, you may also come across a company that offers you a waiver ensuring a set fee regardless of the damages your accident results in. However, set exceptions will be included in this waiver, i.e. if you are found to be intoxicated, or distracted because you were on your phone.

Necessary Steps Following A Car-Sharing Accident

Following a car-sharing accident, the first steps should be much the same to any other motor vehicle collision. For one, you should do your best to gather as much evidence while still at the scene as possible. This means photographing your car-sharing vehicle and the damages it has sustained, as well as the license plates of the other involved vehicles, your surroundings, and your sustained injuries. You will need to talk with your lawyer and discuss the details of your case.

Additionally, your Personal Injury Lawyer in Kamloops will also want to talk to any witnesses in order to obtain initial statements and gather their contact details. The contact information of all other involved drivers is also important, as well as the names of their insurance companies.Obviously, you should also notify the car sharing company as soon as possible.