Mistakes That Can Limit ICBC’s Ability To Assist An Accident Victim

Working under the supervision of the government of British Columbia, ICBC wants to help all the parties involved in an automobile accident. That includes the injured victims, even those that have been negligent. ICBC’s ability to assist any one of those victims can get impeded by the victim’s mistakes.

Mistakes that can be made by a victim that intends to file a claim with ICBC

Not having a doctor check for the presence of injuries soon after a collision has taken place. The insurance company can charge the victim with failing to mitigate any injuries.

Failing to obtain as much information as possible at the scene of an accident. The insurer will want the name of the other driver(s), the license plate number for each damaged vehicle and a description of those same vehicles.

Failing to document the evidence. This need can be satisfied by taking photographs, by speaking with witnesses and getting their contact information, and by tracking down any available video footage that has come from a camera that was focused on the spot where the vehicles collided. This is where the importance of Accident Lawyer in Vancouver is felt.

Not calling the police. The accident victim must submit a copy of the police report. If the police have not been called to the scene of the accident, there will be no report.

Overlooking any symptoms. Each new symptom should be mentioned to the victim’s physician. Be sure that the same physician has received details, regarding the accident. Otherwise, symptoms that show up suddenly might not get connected to what happened when the various vehicles collided.

Failing to contact ICBC as soon as possible, and to then file a claim. By the same token, a victim should not rush to file a claim, if he or she might be partly liable for the injury-causing collision.

Providing ICB’s authorities with too much information. It might get used to protect the other party.

Forgetting to apply for Employment Insurance. Coverage for loss of income will not start until after the payments for Employment Insurance have been exhausted.

Failure to seek legal guidance. ICBC’s process is rather complex. Lawyers have followed that process in the past. For that reason, a smart victim ought to consult with and hire an attorney, before filing a claim.

Not making use of a lawyer’s guidance. An experienced attorney will tell a victim not to accept ICBC’s first offer. Victims eager to obtain some compensation might ignore such advice. Once a settlement has been made, a victim cannot seek to obtain money for any new losses.

Lawyers appreciate the full extent of the victim’s possible losses. For instance, a lawyer’s experience could alert him or her with a client’s possible loss of earning power in the future.