Meeting With Accident Lawyer To Assess Your Injury

Some accident victims expect a personal injury lawyer to arrive at an accurate estimation of their case’s value, after having no more than the basic facts. Only by assessing the victim’s injuries can any lawyer determine the value of a given personal injury case.

What victims should expect, when meeting with a car accident lawyer:

• Be ready to offer details on exactly what took place at the time of the accident. Indicate how the events led to creation of the injury.
• Go into detail, regarding the prescribed treatment. Did the treatment elicit the desired response?
• Were there any witnesses? What did they say?
• Was there any video footage of the accident? Has anyone checked to see if such footage might be available?

Expect to sign a release form, so that the Personal Injury Lawyer in Victoria can obtain the medical records that pertain to the personal injury case. Without access to such records, an attorney will find it next to impossible to do a proper job of assessing a client’s injury.

Other questions that a victim may need to answer:

What type of insurance coverage do you have? The lawyer will want to know if the costs related to your injury can be covered, in case your car insurance policy does offer such coverage.

Has the doctor given you a prognosis? The value of personal injury claims hinges on the evidence that the victim must undergo a lengthy recovery. Information on the prognosis can support a request for an extension of the negotiations, if the insurance company has tried to end them quickly.

Do you have any pre-existing conditions? Were you injured in a past automobile accident? Be sure to offer a truthful answer to both of those questions, so that your attorney does not get hit with unexpected evidence. If you fail to prepare your lawyer, you risk losing your compensation.

Do not hesitate to volunteer information that you consider significant. Were there passengers in the car? Did they have any injuries? Were any of them seniors, covered by Medicare? The existence of Medicare coverage effects the value of an injury sustained in a car accident.

Did you get the identity of the responsible driver? If you got injured during a hit-and-run incident, you must do your best to locate the other party. Check to see if there are any patches of paint on the damaged vehicle. Speak with witnesses.

Did any part on the damaged vehicle malfunction? Did the brakes or horn fail? If that is the case, the company that furnished that part might be held responsible for your injuries. Alternately, it might be shown that the company that installed that particular item cut corners during the installation process.