Legal Help For Victim of Dog Bite

Both dog owners and those that might cross paths with a canine should become familiar with Animal Liability Act (“ALA”). If someone’s pet canine bites a human of any age, the pet’s owner can be taken to court. Thus, if you or a loved one has been injured due to a dog bite, it is important to connect with

How does a court decide if an animal is dangerous?

Does it have to bite someone? No, but it should harm an innocent person in some way. It might attack someone that is passing by. It might frighten a small child, causing a parent to complain. In either case, the target of the dangerous animal could get harmed psychologically, if not physically.

In the eyes of the court, psychological damages must be compensated, just like physical damages. Any pet that could exhibit the type of behavior that might harm someone would be a dangerous animal. Its behavior could endanger the owner’s financial health.

Actions you should take if bitten by the four-legged friend of a resident of Alberta

It is essential to seek immediate medical attention. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver. They will seek a payment from the home insurance purchased by the dog’s owner. Submit a report to your community’s bylaw services.

What to include in your report?

• Your name and contact information
• The date, time and location of the incident
• The dog’s current location (if known)
• Details of the incident: Had measures been put in place to control the responsible canine? Had the person attacked provoked the teeth-baring animal in any way?
• Contact information for any witnesses
• The canine’s description: breed, size and color
• The name of the dog’s owner, or the name of the handler. If someone is being paid to walk someone else’s pet, that handler should share his or her contact information.

If possible, strengthen your personal injury claim by taking pictures. Get pictures of any wounds. Get pictures of any fence or chain that failed to control the ferocious pet. Check to see if the dog’s escape had been achieved by digging under or leaping over a fence or other barrier.

Advice for contractors that get bitten

Technically, anyone that has been bitten by a ferocious pet should be granted a fair compensation. Ideally, that would include payment for lost wages. Yet it can be hard for a contractor to produce proof of the value of expected payments from customers.

An accountant’s records should show what the self-employed worker has earned in the recent past. The injured person must then produce evidence of scheduled visits to customers, visits that had to be canceled. Those two pieces of evidence ought to work to establish the approximate value of the victim’s lost income.