Know Your Rights As A Cyclist In British Columbia After An Accident

Cycling has been gaining in popularity for quite some time now when it comes to the residents of British Columbia. This is partially due to the population becoming more health conscious, but also because people have been stepping up to do their part in saving the planet from man-made destruction, and because it is the cheaper alternative to taking public transit or pay the current gas prices for their cars.

The local government has been noticing the increase in cyclists and has, as a result, approved the addition of a bicycle lane near the Cambie Street Bridge. However, even with the extensive cycling street network, many cyclists still feel on edge whenever they are riding alongside motorized traffic. And that is not without reason. The news has been picking up stories of injured cyclists on a frequent basis. And in addition to that, many cyclists are unprepared to deal with the aftermath of sustaining injuries while cycling. That is why after seeking medical treatment, the injured accident victims need to consult with ICBC Lawyers in Victoria.

Here are some important base facts:

• Every cyclist personal injury case is different since the surrounding circumstances are unique to each case
• The kind of compensation someone is entitled to is dependent on who is declared liable for causing the accident in the first place
• Bicyclists are just as bound by the rules and regulations surrounding behavior on public roads as are the operators of motorized vehicles
• The rules surrounding these cases are an accumulation from various sources, such as municipal bylaws, the Motor Vehicle Act, and the track record of Court rulings in similar cases

Commonly made mistakes you should avoid as a cyclist:

• Do not ride on the sidewalk aside from when the sidewalk contains a specifically designated cycling lane or has otherwise been ruled to include cycling traffic
• Know that you have to obey the same traffic signals and signs as motorized vehicles
• This includes riding on the right side of the road, not in the middle of the lane
• Equip your bicycle with an appropriate amount of lighting and reflectors so you will still be clearly visible in low or no lighting

If you neglect to obey all the laws and regulations revolving around cyclists in your area, then you might be left with far less compensation than necessary to cover your accident related expenses. However, you may still be able to file a claim in general with the help of accident lawyers. They will help you through the complete process. From collecting evidence to filing and representing your rights, the lawyers will work with you.