Know About The Complexity of Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Even with merely two cars involved, a motor vehicle collision can already be devastating and traumatizing. However, things can become even more serious when multiple vehicles are involved. The severity of injuries and property damages aside, it can also be frustratingly difficult to determine liability. So in order to help you protect your rights and yourself, we have put together this guide on which steps to take immediately after the collision.

Exiting Your Vehicle

The health and safety of everyone involved should always be the main priority. Because of this, it is vital to assess whether it is safe for you to leave your vehicle. With pile ups, there is always a chance of further vehicles colliding with yours, in which case it is important to stay put and remain strapped in by your seatbelt. However, even if you are trapped within your vehicle, it is still vital that you report the accident to the authorities. You cannot rely on others to do this for you. Especially large-scale collisions require emergency personnel to get their quickly.

First Steps

Getting assessed by a medical professional should be your number one concern as soon as the authorities get to the scene. For one, it is vital that all your injuries are addressed as soon as possible, and furthermore, this will also help your claim, should any of the involved go to court over their losses. Even if you feel like you have not sustained any injuries, you should be aware that adrenaline is likely to have dampened your sense of pain, and any injury left untreated is likely to grow worse. Head and brain injuries specifically are known for late onset symptoms.

If you are well enough, you should then start gathering evidence. Take photographs of the site, property damages, license plates, and your injuries. And gather contact details from witnesses, bystanders, and all other drivers. This will help you build a strong foundation to a potential claim. You will have to give the ICBC Lawyers in Victoria all of the details so that they can file a strong case on your behalf.


There are very few circumstances under which it is clear who is at fault for causing a multi-vehicle collision. Rear-end collisions, for one, are often rather clear cut. Under all other circumstances, it often takes photographic evidence, witness testimony, and sometimes even accident recreation technology to determine liability. It should also be noted that it isn't always just one driver who is found liable, it may also be multiple drivers who are declared partially liable. They will all need to hire legal representatives individually or get one to represent them all.