ICBC Injury Caps Explained

As of several months ago, the ICBC has started a discussion surrounding the idea of capping motor vehicle collision claim payout. This would mean that, if you were involved in a motor vehicle collision that left you injured and you then file a personal injury claim through the ICBC, that the payout you could receive from this claim would have an upper limit.

The discussion currently taking place specifically revolves around caps on minor injury claims. The proposal is to cap such payout at $5,500 in order to save the ICBC more money since they are supposedly dealing with financial troubles. Though what such a law could do to the injured victims seeking compensation is far more worrisome.

Negative Impact of ICBC Caps On Injured Victims

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision, you may start to experience symptoms such as chronic pain and muscle stiffness, among others. A trip to the doctor gets you a diagnosis and the recommended treatment includes a temporary leave from work. The result of this is lost income and medical bills. Furthermore, you may also be left with long-term symptoms that may also force you to stay home from work or that require further treatment.A claim filed on such grounds could still be stamped of as a minor injury claim, and if the proposed law passes, could then be met with a payout capped at $5,500, despite the long-term effects of your injury.

Problem With Capped Payouts

When an ICBC injury cap is put in place, the ICBC is disregarding the fact that every accident occurs under unique circumstances and results in unique problems for the victim. Thus, each case should be assessed individually and the payout should be calculated accordingly. However, if you think you are getting a lower amount as the payout, it is important to voice your concern to your injury lawyer in Abbotsford.

With capped payouts, victims with lifelong consequences may be paid the same as a person who will soon make a full recovery. And while the second person may be fairly compensated, the first will be left with financial struggles for life. However, your lawyer might look up other coverage aspects that will help you pay for the damages.

How You Can Help Fight This Proposed Law

A large portion of personal injury lawyers have been putting together petitions in order to stop the ICBC from making this proposed law a reality. If you want to join the fight, you can do so by spreading the word and raising awareness of what the ICBC is trying to do, and how big of a negative impact this could have on everyone who lives in British Columbia.