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ICBC Claims

ICBC Claims

In British Columbia, every driver is required to be insured when operating a motor vehicle, like in other provinces in Canada. But, unlike in some provinces in Canada, British Columbia has a public insurer that covers the majority of drivers in the province. Offering insurance ranging from basic coverage to most fulsome insurance, the existence of the ICBC is very unique, and occasionally puts BC drivers in unique situations when it is time to make a claim as though ICBC is run by the government it's job is to protect the interests of the company, rather then that of the innocent victim.

What is the ICBC?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) was created in 1973 as a way for the province to provide affordable and universal insurance for all drivers. The ICBC is a crown corporation that covers the majority of drivers in the province, and as such, is intimately involved in claims and settlements related to the majority of auto accidents in the province.

The ICBC offers everything from basic insurance, to more enhanced coverage, and if you’ve been involved in an auto accident while driving in British Columbia, chances are the ICBC will be involved at one point. But, ensuring you are fully compensated for an act of carelessness or recklessness may not be as straightforward as you may imagine. When you work with Barapp Law Firm, you get the benefit of our years of experience and success.

How does the ICBC Process Claims?

Because the ICBC is a provincial company, many people believe that processing an insurance claim through the ICBC will be an easy to understand and completely fair process. However, much like any insurance company, the ICBC operates as a company seeking a profit, and it is always in the ICBCs interest to try to minimize the claims made against their insurance.

The ICBC will pay out a claim that it deems valid at the lowest possible amount, and will attempt to avoid paying compensation wherever possible. Though your case may seem open and shut, it may not be as easy as possible to receive compensation for your claim through the ICBC. Though the ICBC was created as a way to protect all drivers in British Columbia, making a claim through the corporation can be more complex than you might have anticipated. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in British Columbia and plan on making a claim, it is very important that you seek legal representation before moving forward.

Do I need a Lawyer to make an ICBC Claim?

While it is wonderful to have these laws and systems of protection in place, actually ensuring you receive full compensation after a personal injury can be more difficult than you think. Don’t make the mistake of believing that the ICBC is likely to be fairer than another insurance company might be. Like any insurance company, the ICBC is looking to minimize costs, and this means you may have trouble being compensated after a personal injury. Our team has committed their professional lives to ensuring that people who have been seriously injured through negligence or recklessness are adequately compensated for their injuries. We are here to help ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries, lost income, medical expenses, and psychological trauma. The ICBC adjuster's job is too minimize the cost of the claim to the ICBC, which is an easier task when dealing with an unrepresented claimant.

The shock of serious injury can be physically and emotionally overwhelming, and it can be very easy to put off seeking experienced help, or accept an immediate settlement. We understand your situation and work with you to ensure you are not stressed.

At Barapp Law Firm, we have years of experience negotiating injury claims in British Columbia, and specialize in personal injury law. We’ve spent years learning about the ICBC and accident law in BC, and negotiating aggressively to be sure our clients are compensated fairly after an injury. We understand the issues that you face when injured and that are why we are here to lend a helping hand.

We offer a free initial consultation with any personal client, and can help put together a sound case to ensure you’re compensated properly by the ICBC. Contact us today to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer, and find out more about how we can help you receive the compensation you deserve today!