How You Can Be Penalized For Driving Without Insurance

Most states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada have made it illegal for any motorist to travel down the road without some form of automobile insurance. Those charged with enforcing those laws must use a series of different methods.

Possible penalties used as an enforcement measure

• Suspension of the driver’s license.
• Suspension of the registration for the vehicle that the driver is using, when caught.
• The required payment of money, if the driver wants to have a license or registration re-instated.

Receiving an added traffic ticket. A driver that gets stopped for violating a traffic law gets asked for evidence of car insurance. Failure to produce such a document means the issuance of 2 tickets: one for the initial violation and one for driving with insurance. Being required to obtain an SR-22. That is a guarantee of insurance. It gets issued by an insurance company. Like every product handed-out by an insurance company, the SR-22 must be paid for.

Possible consequence

Drivers that do not have insurance do not become immune from involvement in a motor vehicle accident. Any one of them could cause such an accident. If that were to happen, no insurance company would be ready to cover the cost of repairs to the damaged vehicles, or treatment for any injuries.

The other driver could sue the uninsured driver, if that second driver’s actions had caused the accident. Upon winning that lawsuit, the suing driver could go after the assets of the uninsured party. What that person had saved by not buying insurance would be lost, because any asset could get used to pay for the claimed damages.

Do other drivers not have that same concern, if they get involved in a serious accident? What happens if the damage is great, and the driver and passenger suffer serious injuries? Who pays for that?

Insurance companies offer liability protection as part of the purchased policy. In addition, a policy holder can buy added coverage, in order to protect against a time when he or she might be blamed for a serious and costly accident. An uninsured driver would have on such protections.

A second possible consequence

It could be that the suing driver might have gotten charged with contributory negligence. Maybe he or she failed to wear a seat belt, or perhaps the same driver was using a cell phone at the time of the accident. Use of a cell phone is easy to trace, if you have a Car Accident Lawyer in Kelowna. Unfortunately, someone that has filed to buy car insurance does not enjoy the benefit of legal counsel, when sued for actions taken while on the road.