How To Obtain Fair Compensation From An ICBC Settlement In The Aftermath of A Motor Vehicle Collision

There is one thing all residents of British Columbia have in common, and that is that they are all insured under the ICBC. So in the event of a motor vehicle collision, all residents will need to file a claim with the ICBC if they were injured due to the negligence of another involved party. The height of the settlement that will ultimately be reached will vary based on the unique circumstances surrounding the claim and the motor vehicle collision that led to it.

The goal of the ICBC during settlement negotiations

When the ICBC determines the value of a claim, they utilize various internal guidelines, data banks, and archived cases to help assess the case and guide them to an amount they deem to be reasonable and fair. Or so they claim. In reality, they utilize these tools to help their adjusters minimize the monetary amount that is being paid out to the plaintiff so they can continue to horde their profit.

How an ICBC lawyer can help the plaintiff during negotiations

Plaintiffs are in a highly vulnerable position when they are filing their personal injury claim, so when the adjuster, defendant, and the ICBC are all pushing them to settle for a low amount and are arguing that that is their best option, it is not uncommon that that plaintiff will be manipulated into accepting these proposals. In order to prevent this from happening, the plaintiff can hire an ICBC lawyer who will take over negotiations and push for an actually just settlement for their client.

Furthermore, the ICBC lawyer will also be familiar with the strategies utilized by the defense and the ICBC adjuster, which means that they will know how to counter argue and will continue to push for a settlement that is actually high enough to cover the plaintiff's accident related expenses. Even if you are sure that you as the plaintiff would not be so easily manipulated, you should still be aware that self-representing plaintiffs are generally offered far lower settlements compared to the ones with legal counsel.

The types of expenses you should and can be compensated for

Special damages are what we call out of pocket expenses and they include things such as the costs of medical treatment, home care expenses, hospital fees, and more. Depending upon the level of injuries or the disabilities that you end up with, the personal injury lawyer in Abbotsford, will negotiate the amount of compensation based on the level of treatment and assistance that will be needed as you recover and over long term.