How To Make A Claim When Your Accident Takes Place Outside of British Columbia?

Residents of British Columbia (BC) get insured through ICBC (Insurance Company of British Columbia). Those same residents know that the Province will provide them with access to Part 7 Benefits, if their travel plans keep them inside of BC. Suppose, though, that any one of them decides to venture to a point outside of BC’s borders. Will that traveler get covered in the event of an accident?

The driver is covered if the accident takes place in another province or in the United States. Even an accident in Hawaii would be covered. Yet drivers that pass through the US and go on into Mexico do not have the same coverage. In fact, drivers insured by ICBC should not expect to enjoy coverage in any country besides Canada and the United States.

What is the nature of the drivers’ coverage?

Each of those drivers has access to Part 7 Benefits, in the event that any one of them would get involved in an accident. Those Benefits get paid by ICBC. The driver’s medical expenses get paid up to a maximum of $300,000. Any driver insured by ICBC should not hesitate to get an Injury Lawyer in Abbotsford, if he or she hopes to secure benefits for wage loss or household expenses.

While the Part 7 benefit for medical expenses has a maximum value of $300,000, anyone that has purchased one of ICBC’s insurance policies has access to BC’s Medical Services, as well. Still, that promise of services comes with one stipulation. The policy holder that is traveling on one of BC’s roads or highways should not be relocating to another province, or another country, if he or she expects to use the Medical Services.

What coverage is available for someone that plans to re-locate and leave British Columbia?

Citizens of Canada enjoy access to the government health care. Those that care to can request and pay for extended health benefits. Those added benefits can be carried to a spot beyond BC’s borders. In other words, a motorist that had relied on ICBC’s medical coverage, but was planning to leave BC and was worried about a possible accident could take advantage of the chance to buy extended health benefits.

Yet that is not the only option available to a resident of British Columbia that plans to move to another province or another country. That same resident could also obtain limited health care coverage by using a credit card. Still, the same resident might care to speak with an attorney, if he or she has any real concerns, regarding the chances that the resident’s vehicle might become involved in an accident soon after his or her arrival in a land that exists outside of BC’s borders.