How To Handle An ICBC Claims Adjuster?

Since the year 1973, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, better known as the ICBC, has offered universal car insurance to the motorists of British Columbia. As stated by the law, each vehicle owner in British Columbia needs to purchase, at least, minimum protection against hit-and-runs, third-party claims, as well as under-insured or completely uninsured motorists, by purchasing the so called basic “auto-plan” coverage.

As with all forms of insurance, the customers of the ICBC pay for their protective coverage. Any customers interested in premiums will have to provide favorable data in terms of driving experience and a low number of past claims.

Reporting A Car Accident To The ICBC

Following a car accident, you hold an obligation to report your accident to the ICBC in the form of a report. You have a time frame of twenty-four hours to fulfill this obligation. Throughout this process, you will be met with a representative of the ICBC who will ask you to provide a detailed description of the accident, your basic driver information, as well as a report on whether or not you, or potential passengers, sustained injuries during the accident.

From there, a claims adjuster will take over and start researching the details surrounding your claim. Once wrapped up, this research will influence their settlement offer. This will be the point at which you will need to start negotiating, hopefully together with an experienced lawyer on your side. Obtaining the knowledge that will help you handle an ICBC adjuster can make or break your claim. What you want is maximum compensation for your injuries, and for this, your claim will need to be accepted. This means you will need to get through the adjuster first.

Claims Adjuster Doesn't Care About You

No matter how charming or nice the claims adjuster may seem, they are still an employee of the ICBC. Their job is to keep the company's expenses at a minimum, otherwise they become a liability to the company. There are two ways in which the ICBC, and other insurance companies, can bring in profit: through charging premiums, and by denying in claims. The second is the one you will need to be concerned with in this situation.

Due to the pressure ICBC claim adjusters face from the company, they will do everything within their power to get you to settle for minimum compensation. They may try this by minimizing the severity, and thus the value of your claim. That is one of the main reasons to hire an Accident Lawyer in Maple Ridge, as they will ensure that your rights are protected.