How To Get Monetary Compensation From ICBC?

A motor vehicle accident causes damage to the involved vehicles. It can also force the driver and passenger to deal with serious injuries. ICBC Lawyers in Burnaby knows that any accident has the ability to trigger development of other challenges, as well.

One challenge: getting the damaged vehicle repaired

In British Columbia, all drivers get covered by ICBC’s insurance. Owing to the existence of that coverage, a policy holder’s damaged vehicle can be covered up to $200,000. In the preparation for a time when the policy holder could get involved in a very serious accident, that basic coverage can be expanded.

Another challenge: dealing with pain and suffering

Canada has put a cap on awards for pain and suffering. Still, that does not mean that an injured victim has no chance of getting compensated for painful sensations and discomforts or trials created by a given injury. In fact, each such victim can seek up to $300,000 in compensation. Victims can seek to obtain a large settlement by hiring a lawyer, an expert on awards for pain and suffering.

A third in a listing of 4 challenges

Going after money to cover the lost wages: The recipient of this money benefits from the government’s desire to help victims with maintenance of a reasonable lifestyle. Some victims also seek money to cover a loss of earnings potential. Meanwhile, someone that hopes to be reimbursed for future costs of care must provide the court with a medical justification for that requested money. In the absence of such justification, those alleged future costs will not get covered.

The last of the 4 challenges

Getting reimbursed for additional expenses. Such expenses could arise from the need to obtain special equipment the, need to travel to doctor’s appointments, or a requirement for medication. Money provided for additional expenses only goes to a deserving policy holder, namely someone that has produced receipts, evidence of money already paid.

Of course, ICBC would need to check on the source of those receipts. That check would get carried out in order to make sure that a former resident of British Columbia is not seeking coverage for an accident that took place in his or her new home province or country. Families moving between provinces or into another country have alternate means for retaining some type of coverage, in the event of a collision.

Offering help to anyone with a legal challenge:

Lawyers can help those that have come face-to-face with legal issues. Personal injury lawyers prove especially helpful to someone that has become the victim of another person’s careless and neglectful behavior. Sometimes a judge decides to punish the negligent individual, thus ensuring the plaintiff of a larger pot of awards.