How To Get Compensated For A Slip And Fall Incident On Public Property

If you are a resident of British Columbia, you may wonder why you should take the time to read this article. Do you have a chance for getting compensated? The answer to that question can be found in the text of Municipal Government Act.

According to that Act, any municipality of British Columbia must clear the government property of ice and snow, or get held liable for specific slip and fall incidents that take place on any such premise that contains snow or ice. The chances that a member of the public might witness such an event are rather low. That simple fact highlights one of the reasons that it becomes so hard to get compensated for such tragedies.

A municipality in British Columbia will not compensate the victim of a slip and fall incident, unless it can be shown that the same government body has been grossly negligent. For a city, an example of gross negligence would entail the passing of a large amount of time, before a given hazard has been discovered.

In other words, if only a short time has passed, since development of an icy sidewalk, and if no one else has reported the existence of such a hazard, a local court will not hold the municipality liable for an injury sustained as the result of a slip and fall incident. By understanding a court’s likely decision, the victim of a slip and fall incident can do a better job of working to secure a more favorable decision

Steps you should take, if you have suffered a dog bite

• Check to see if there is any documentation of an earlier report.
• Strengthen your case by taking pictures.
• Get the contact information from witnesses.
• See a medical doctor just as soon as possible.
• If you are self-employed, collect the papers that can be used to show how much money you will lose, during the time when you will undergo a steady recovery.

Rule that applies to anyone filing a claim in British Columbia

You have 2 months in which to share your plans with the authorities in British Columbia. You may be granted an extension of that period, if you have a reasonable excuse, and a delay will not disadvantage the affected municipality. You do not have to request such an extension, if you get a written notice, saying that the time requirement has been waived. It is best to consult with an ICBC Lawyers in Langley and hire them to represent your rights.

There is one other time when you could be freed from fling your plans with the authorities. That would be when a fall victim has died. Usually that means that the fall victim has died at the site with the slippery spot, the one that has formed in an obvious pathway.