How To Avoid The Traps Hidden In ICBCs Claim Process?

If a resident of British Columbia gets involved in an automobile accident, he or she can seek compensation from ICBC. Still, the complex nature of ICBC’s claim process manages to hide some potential traps. This article seeks to alert any of British Columbia’s accident victims to the existence of such traps.

Steps that guarantee an avoidance of such traps

Be sure that the claim form includes the identity of the person that caused the accident. Share that identity by giving that person’s name and license number. Those victims involved in an accident, need to call the law enforcement and ICBC immediately.

Victim must visit a hospital, a clinic or the family doctor, soon after the accident. During that visit, the victim must share with the attending physician detailed information on all of the known symptoms.

Extra attention must be paid to any concussion symptoms. A timely diagnosis of the victim’s medical problem must be made, if the same victim has complained about headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to sound, memory trouble, trouble with concentration, fatigue, altered sleep patterns, nausea, ringing in ears or loss of balance. In addition, a visit to the doctor should be scheduled, if an accident victim demonstrates irritability, anxiety, signs of depression, poor anger management or slurring. Report the accident to the police, and inform about the accident to the ICBC .

Take notes during any conversation with one of ICBC’s representatives. If you have hired a lawyer, have that attorney handle all such conversations. That way, your own comments cannot be used against you.

Be sure to apply for medical Employment Insurance. Otherwise, you will not be able to get reimbursed for lost wages. Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Victoria, in order to get the true value of a claim. Do not rely on the opinion shared by one of ICBC’s representatives.

Refuse to settle until you know how the injuries will affect you. That includes how a given injury could affect your earning potential in the future. If possible, work with a lawyer, in order to accomplish this task.

Discover whether or not an ICBC claim is an option. Maybe you must file a claim with WCB. If that is the case, then you should not waste time filing an ICBC claim.

Be sure to preserve all potential evidence. Save any photographs that you have taken; save your receipts, too. If you have your own business, make a list of every instance when you lost money, because you had to attend a scheduled medical appointment, or you had to stay in bed, due to recurring pain, or other form of discomfort. Utilization of the above steps aids avoidance of ICBC’s hidden traps.